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The Adventure Starts Here

2022–2203 Pikes Peak State College New Student Welcome Packet

College is an adventure. It should be exciting and full of possibilities. But, sometimes the idea of college can be scary. Whether you're a traditional student, first generation attendee, or a non-traditional student looking for a career change later in life, starting something new can be intimidating.  As a result, this piece has the opportunity to be more playful. I loved the idea of blending illustration with the photos to promote the fun journey ahead. 

The idea behind the Welcome to Your Next Adventure theme was to put new students at ease with coming to Pikes Peak. See the excitement, see the bright future ahead. There's no need to be afraid—like any good expedition leader, PPSC helps students every step of the way to reach success. 


+ Strategy & Concept Development

+ Art Direction

+ Design

+ Layout

+ Print Buying & Production


2022 Silver Medallion | Welcome Packet

National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (NCMPR)

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