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Black Lives Matter

The Black Klansman Poster

This is a highly sensitive topic, and I had be extra mindful not to offend anyone with the design. Ron's name isn't necessarily recognized immediately, but The Black Klansman is. Since that is the focus of his talk and notoriety, I need to incorporate it into the design without giving accidental praise or approval of the KKK. I chose to make the hood black both to represent Ron's African-American race, but also to do the opposite of the Klan and their representation of white supremacy. I wanted the design to be stark and gritty to represent the undercover work Ron did and the risk he took in taking on a dangerous job. I used hand lettering to represent the handwritten notes and police files that would have been used in the 1970s. 



+ Art Direction

+ Concept Development

+ Design & Layout

+ Hand Lettering



2018 Silver ADDY | AAF COS


2019 Silver Medallion | NCMPR District 4


2019 Silver Paragon | NCMPR National


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