Cyber Security Program Brochure

IN-HOUSE // Marketing Collateral

ROLE // Art Direction, Design, Layout, Production, Print Buying

AWARDS // 2019 NCMPR (National Council for Marketing and Public Relations) | District 4 | Gold Medallion

Brochure (Single or Series)

Commonly, people don't associate community colleges with state-of-the-art technology and programs. However, PPCC's cybersecurity program is considered one of the top in the state and nation by the National Security Association (NSA). I want the brochure to utilize a very high-tech feel and I gave it a higher end production value as well by making it a tabbed booklet with a short-fold cover. The tabs allow for a quick reference for the 3 audience groups the college serves. Through the use of pattern, color and imagery, I conveyed a technical, networking feel to provide a cutting-edge tone.​​​​​​​