Dakota Promise Campaign

IN-HOUSE // Marketing Campaign

ROLE // Art Director, Design, Layout, Customized Typography, Print Production

AWARDS // 2019 American Advertising Federation (AAF) Colorado Springs | Silver ADDY

Pro Bono Integrated Campaign, Cross Platform

Create a campaign promoting the new Pikes Peak Community College Dakota Promise Scholarship. The scholarship will pay all the tuition and fees for any District 2 graduate with a 2.5 GPA or higher. Students who never thought college was in their future can now attend for free.

I wanted the phrases to be the visual impact, so I made the typography the visual. I was inspired by subway maps, and the idea that now that students don’t have to worry about paying for college, their future is limitless and can go in a variety of directions. This is why I customized the typeface to be open-ended on the letterforms instead of closed. This combined with the gray background lines, show their futures can now go in any direction with nothing holding them back. I chose playful, bright colors to appeal to the high school demographic and to represent a bright future. 

The campaign resulted in 127 students enrolling for the first cohort in the fall 2020 semester.