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Dream Bigger

Dakota Promise Campaign

Imagine being told that you could go to college for free. A dream too good to be true, right? At Pikes Peak Community College, they make dreams come true. 

The Dakota Promise launched in 2019 to provide free college at PPCC for high school graduates from Colorado Springs District 2. The district has the lowest graduation rate in the city—less than half of their students go to college. It is also the poorest district in the city. 

With the high cost of education off the table, students could make their once-distant dreams a promising reality.

Mind the Gap

The design was inspired by a subway map. Dakota takes our students to their final destination, whether it be completing a degree or certificate or transferring to a 4-year college. However, everyone's path is different. Subway lines wind all over a city, but they all end up at a final destination. The customized type is open ended to show that there are no longer any limits to what the students can accomplish. 

The Results Are In

In its first year, D-2 student enrollment increased by 49%. The program has steadily been growing since, and in 2020, was funded for an additional 5 years.



+ Art Direction

+ Design

+ Customized Typography



2019 Silver ADDY | AAF COS

Pro Bono Integrated Campaign, Cross Platform

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