Ruth Bader Ginsburg Illustration | El Paso County Democrats

CLIENT // El Paso County Democrats

ROLE // Calligraphy, Illustration, Design

El Paso County in Colorado Springs is an extremely conservative pocket in Colorado. As part of their 2020 presidential campaign efforts, EPC created a blog with essays written about the Democrat party, heroes of the party, and examining the candidates and bills on the ballot.

I was approached to create an original illustration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to accompany a blog post for EPC's campaign efforts. I took this project to heart, both as a lifelong Democrat and as a great admirer of RBG. I considered her my hero. This illustration was created just weeks after her death, which happened to be on my birthday. I was devastated, and i wanted to create something that reflected my admiration for her, my strong feminist beliefs, and the beautifully written essay by Angi Baker-Saunders. I calligraphed one of my favorite quotes by RBG that summed up her strength perfectly. I chose to do a silhouette so the focus would be entirely on her words and her signature collar. The bright orange background represented her fiery spirit and strength. 

View the blog post here.