Mackenzie & West

CLIENT // Logo and Collateral

ROLE // Art Direction, Design, Hand Lettering

Design a logo for a local boutique that is named after two family names. The shop will carry women's clothing, gifts, jewelry and accessories, and is a higher end boutique like Anthropologie. Their aesthetic is modern, clean and a bit of rustic. 

I wanted to incorporate the modern rustic aesthetic of the store into the logo design, so I focused on hand lettered elements and a sans-serif typeface. The west had a double emphasis from both the family name, and the fact that the boutique is located on West Colorado Avenue, so I wanted it to be dominant. I was also concerned it could get lost since the word is short compared to Mackenzie. I created balance by making Mackenzie a monoline hand lettered script and West a bold sans-serif. The client wanted their logo to be black and gray so that their colorful merchandise will stand out in the store.