United Men of Color Branding & Collateral

IN-HOUSE // Branding and Marketing Collateral

ROLE // Art Direction, Design, Layout, Calligraphy

Create branding for PPCC's newest organization, United Men of Color. Men of color have the lowest graduation rates at the college. The organization's goal is to assist them in their time at PPCC to help them succeed and graduate. 

My goal was to use photos to make it human and accessible instead of the clipart typically used. I also chose to focus the color in the typography, and I used different skin tones to make up the word United to reflect unity. I kept the photos black and white to create a sense of unity beyond their color. The script is hand lettered, and it adds a casualness to this design that makes it look less clinical. It also adds a bold pop of color against the neutrals and gives depth to create layers, which reflect the many layers of people and this initiative. ​​​​​​​