PPCC Cultivates Branding

IN-HOUSE // Branding and Collateral

ROLE // Art Direction, Illustration, Design, Layout, Production

AWARDS // 2019 American Advertising Federation (AAF) Colorado Springs | Gold ADDY

Brand Elements

Create a branding system for a new employee training and professional development program for Pikes Peak Community College staff. The program is called PPCC Cultivates and has three main facets: Supervisor Development, Enhancing Leadership and Core Competency. The Core Competency then has six classes within it, each one representing a different subject for mastery.

I created an icon system to represent the Cultivates program as well as the subsets that would create consistency and recognition among PPCC staff. The plant graphic represents the growth that comes with the professional development training, and each of the 3 main programs is represented in one of the 3 main design elements and corresponding colors. The icon system needs to work with the main college branding, so I chose a circular shape and made it a line-based graphic icon that would complement the PPCC logo. For each core competency, I created a variation of the plant icon by using an arrangement of the lines to visually represent the competency. Colors needed to be bright and engaging to get staff excited about the learning opportunities.