Sakura of America B2B Brochures

CLIENT // Sakura of America

ROLE // Art Direction, Design, Layout

Sakura of America is a pen and marker manufacturer that originated in Japan. They make the popular Micron pens, Gellyroll pens, and a plethora of other art materials. I was tasked with designing a series of 7 brochures that will be used in business-to-business marketing. Their goal is to increase their retail market and inform potential retailers about their extensive product line.

Sakura wanted the brochures to be corporate, clean and able to be evergreen for several years to come. As a result, I chose a simple layout with shapes that would allow the product descriptions and photos to shine. The icons on each front cover were provided by Sakura and correspond to their respective categories on the website. The color schemes for each brochure are exact color matches to ink colors offered within those lines. The brochures needed to look like they were part of a series, but did not have to be exactly the same. Each one contains variations in design, but maintains a consistent introductory panel on the front, inside cover as well as a consistent back panel.