Care & Share: Sunny Side Market Logo

CLIENT // Care and Share Food Bank

ROLE // Art Direction, Design, Illustration

Care and Share is one of the largest food banks in Colorado, and their headquarters is located in Colorado Springs. They are expanding to Pueblo, Colorado, which is now considered a food desert since several of their grocery stores have closed. Care and Share wants to create a food bank in Pueblo, called Sunny Side Market, that looks and feels like a neighborhood grocery store. Their goal is to remove the stigma of poverty, and by creating a grocery store, patrons can choose fresh food they like and be in a warm, positive environment. 

Care and Share's mission is one I strongly believe in: no one should have to go hungry. The building where the market will be located looks very much like a grocery you'd see in New York neighborhoods—brick store front, awning, large windows. I wanted to capture that aesthetic in this design, and did so by giving it a bit of a retro feel with the typography choices. I chose to have the sun rising from the basket to represent the hope given by this market, and I used a basket to keep the neighborhood feel instead of a grocery cart that usually signifies large stores. The challenge was to incorporate the existing Care & Share brand into this design, which I did by using their color palette, but adding the yellow. I take pride in the creation of this design and the people this market will help.