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2022–2023 Pikes Peak State College Viewbook

The fall 2022 semester is the first under the new name of Pikes Peak State College. The viewbook is used as a recruitment tool to get potential students excited about attending the college. This book introduced the newly-expanded mission of the school that includes more bachelor's degrees, certificate programs to get people into the workforce quickly, and remove the stigma of a community college.


The new Pikes Peak State brand is bright, colorful, and welcoming. The student population at the college is most often coming from extreme adversity—poverty (the largest percentage in the state of Pell Grants are awarded to PPSC students), lower GPAs (many students have to work full time to help their parents support the family or provide childcare to their siblings), and first generation. College is intimidating to this audience, so it was important with the rebrand to take away some of that intimidation with the bright, playful colors and shapes.  



+ Strategy & Concept Development

+ Art Direction

+ Design

+ Layout

+ Print Buying & Production

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